The man behind Broken Coconut

Scott Sartiano is a veteran in the hospitality industry, especially known for opening buzzy spots that attract a celebrity clientele. His locales were some of the earliest to marry the concept of fine dining with a clubby atmosphere. "When we created Butter [in New York City] in 2001, we were the first to put a DJ in our restaurant," he says. "People thought we were crazy; a few years later, Jean-Georges [Vongerichten] was doing it."

It's emblematic of the times that one of Sartiano's current projects is the health-forward, fast casual eatery Broken Coconut. Locations are scattered throughout the city including in the Gotham West Market and at Equinox Hudson Yards. The lineup includes dishes like poke bowls, vegan coconut yogurt, avocado toast, açai, and more. "We wanted to have a healthy yet craveable food experience," he explains. "What you eat affects your mental and physical states—it's all intertwined."

Sartiano spoke with Furthermore about the inspiration behind the brand, his favorite menu items, and how he approaches fitness.

What differentiates Broken Coconut from other restaurants in its category?

We wanted to do something a little more sophisticated. I spent two years in California before coming back to New York, and it helped me to understand how being conscious of your health and the environment relates to every meal you have. We're working on breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. We have everything from salads and poke to hot dishes as well. Broken Coconut takes a little from everywhere—juice places, poke places, and salad places. 

Can you talk about the location in Equinox Hudson Yards?

It's incredible to be in New York City on a 8,000-square-foot terrace with a swimming pool and Vessel on one side and the river on the other side. There's no venue like it—it's truly breathtaking. We added some menu items that were more fitting to the location, including cocktails featuring house-made juices. 

What are some of your favorite items?

The frozen Aperol spritz. The shrimp salad is my favorite dish on the menu and I love the fresh salsa and guacamole.

What's your workout regimen?

I like to box and play tennis. I also do yoga and some classes at Equinox. I try and walk to and from work every day. It's 30 blocks each way. 

What does wellness mean to you?

I get massages and try to have a good balance in life.

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