Best worst choice: forgetting socks

The gist:

If you forget socks, exercising without them can lead to performance-hindering discomfort—unless you follow these rules.

Expert insight:

Without that layer of protection, there's more friction between your shoes and the soft skin of your feet, which can lead to blisters, says Matt Berenc, director of education at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute in Beverly Hills.

If you can't get replacement socks (which are sold at The Shop), you can proceed in one of two ways, Berenc says. First, you can apply bandages (available at the front desk of every club) or moleskin to blister-prone areas: the heels, the knuckles of your big toes, and the outer edges of your feet from the smallest toe to the mid-foot. Lace your shoes as you normally would.

If you don't have access to those products, you can train sockless as long as you skip dynamic drills like running, agility work, and plyometrics. 

The bottom line:

Make bandages or moleskin a gym-bag staple for those worst-case scenarios. To keep sweat from ruining your shoes when you train sockless, stuff them with paper towels or newspaper after your session to soak up the moisture, Berenc says.