Try it: active beauty products

In the locker room: FaceGym Training Stick 

FaceGym’s convenient Training Sticks—available in charcoal, pink clay, spirulina, and multivitamin formulas—are intended to work in response to heat and moisture. Apply before you break a sweat and wipe off afterwards. 

“It’s great for killing two birds with one stone, since you can give yourself a skin treatment while you log cardio time,” explains Roach. For acne-prone skin, try the activated bamboo charcoal stick with tea tree and salicylic acid. It’ll draw out pollution-related congestion and stimulate circulation to brighten the complexion. 

At the gym: Kosasport LipFuel

Chapped or cracked lips can be triggered by heavy mouth breathing or licking your lips while you power through a tough workout, Zeichner says. This tinted lip balm (available in two shades and a clear formula) combats that with hydrating hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Konjac root creates a shield to protect lips against environmental damage. The formula has a minty scent, which studies show can have a stimulating effect on the brain.

Post-workout: Lululemon Sweat Reset Face Moisturizer

Lululemon's lightweight moisturizer doesn’t feel greasy and is purported to work well for sensitive skin or those with acne. In addition to soothing algae, you’ll find menthyl, which provides an instant cooling sensation on overheated skin by activating specific skin receptors, Zeichner explains. “It feels great, is less irritating than menthol (menthyl is its parent compound), and will perk your skin up post-workout,” Roach adds.

At nighttime: FRE Recover Me Restorative Night Cream

FRE’s newest product is an antioxidant-infused night cream that works to fight active skin issues like UV damage from outdoor exercise and sweat-induced breakouts. It boosts collagen production and strengthens your skin barrier, says Zeichner, which is crucial for keeping moisture in and bacteria and pollutants out.

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