The healthiest apples

Expert insight: 

Regardless of how they’re grown, apples are ridden with about 100 million bacteria, says study author Birgit Wassermann, a Ph.D. candidate at Graz University of Technology in Austria. But compared to the conventional apples she and her team analyzed, the organic ones contained a wider variety of good bacteria. 

Notably, Lactobacillus was found only in the organic fruits. This species includes common probiotic strains like those in kimchi and yogurt that can ward off illness and boost your gut microbiome. The researchers also discovered Methylobacterium, which enhances the flavor of strawberries and may have the same effect on apples.

The bottom line: 

Even if you buy organic, Wassermann recommends rinsing your apple to wash off lingering contaminants. Most of the bacteria is concentrated inside the fruit, anyway.