Buy flowers for your hotel room

Expert insight: 

Studies show people feel less depressed and more positive after receiving flowers, says Mary Ann Mercer, Psy.D., clinical psychologist and self-improvement expert based in Nevada. Other research links the presence of bouquets to improved physiologic measures too, like lower blood pressure and a slower heart rate. 

Choose your blooms strategically: If you have trouble getting enough rest when you’re away from home, buy a lavender bouquet and place it near the bed; the scent promotes sleep, Mercer notes. For a mood boost, opt for roses. They contain an amino acid called phenylethylamine that’s associated with happiness. 

The bottom line: 

To keep your flowers fresh, cut the stems at an angle, keep them away from direct sunlight and vents, and change the water daily, says San Francisco-based floral expert Christina Stembel. If you notice wilting blooms, discard them to protect the rest.