My summer dinner party: Hannah and Marian Cheng

On the menu

“During the summer, local produce is at its peak tastiness and everything tastes better when you start with the freshest ingredients. We’d make a crispy snap pea salad, a Caesar salad with grilled romaine, simply grilled whole fish with herbs and lemon, and then a strawberry cornmeal cake. It’s key to prep everything ahead of time, so you can actually enjoy your own party and not be stuck in the kitchen.”

What we’re drinking

“Orange wine, Abbazia di Novacella pinot grigio, and Garibaldis [an orange and Campari cocktail]. These drinks scream summer to us.”

The decor

“We prefer simple decor. We’d arrange the table with English roses, peonies, and hydrangeas, along with bouquets of herbs and freshly-baked bread. ”

The guest list

“We’d invite our family and closest friends. If we’re really talking about a dream party, then we’d invite The Rock and Kevin Hart.”

What we’re listening to

“We love reggae and bossa nova to set a lighthearted and relaxing tone.”

Photo: Nicole Franzen

This interview has been lightly edited for publication.