My healthy: Lauren Marcus

MyPurMist Personal Steam Inhaler

“I bought one a few years ago when I was sick and fell in love. I use the cordless version day and night and everyone in the cast makes fun of me. It instantly gives you hot steam and you can control the temperature.”


KOBO Heath Lavender Candle

“I really like candles. I’m obsessed with this one, I find the scent very calming."

Madewell Bandanas

“Last year, out of nowhere, all of my hair fell out due to alopecia. It’s been the wildest, most insane thing. It’s growing back now, but is something I’m still dealing with. These are the only handkerchiefs that fit and tie the right way. I wear them pretty much every day. Right now I have a Mia Farrow–style haircut which, funnily enough, I always wanted but never had the guts to get.”


The music of Margo Price and JD McPherson

“Music is super important to me and it helps me calm down and de-stress. I have a record player in my dressing room and I’ll listen to Margo Price a lot; her first album holds a place in my heart. Also, I listen to JD McPherson’s new album Socks constantly. He’s like old school rock and roll.”


“This is a small electronic device where you put two pads on your body and it sends a little electric jolt into the muscle. If I pull a muscle, it’s incredible how much it can help.”


Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies

“These are vegan, plant-based, and have a ton of protein. These are my savior in the morning.” 


LaCroix Sparkling Water

“I switched from Diet Coke to LaCroix and haven’t looked back. My favorite flavors are mango and coconut. In Be More Chill, my character carries around LaCroix and it just stems from the fact that I always drink them and couldn’t put them down during rehearsals.”


This interview has been lightly edited for publication.