My healthy: Jessica Mendoza

Concept2 Model E Indoor rower

“I still train like I am training for the Olympics. I am obsessed with working out—I just have to move every day. I am not a big endurance cardio person, as I prefer fast sprints. I’ll hit 3,000 meters on this rower before a strength training session.”


TRX Suspension Trainer

“We turned part of our garage into a home gym and have the TRX bolted in the ceiling. I always try and work both sides of the body, so I do pull-ups, push-ups, Ys, Xs, Ws, hamstring curls from a bridge position, mountain climbers, and one-legged squats—anything that activates multiple body parts in one exercise.”


Niyama Sol leggings

“I am really into this clothing brand, which Alex Rodriguez introduced me to. I have seven pairs of their leggings now. They are so comfortable and I like the bright prints. I wear workout clothes every day, so I don’t like to have black pants. I want to make a statement.”


Under Armour training shoes

“I wear a variety of different pairs and don’t go after a specific kind. They have to be lightweight as I know I’ll be moving a lot.”



“I live on bars and I always have tons of these in my purse. A lot of that comes from working in TV and covering four- or five-hour games. My kids love them too.”


Ninja Professional Blender 1000

"I have to get something in my body 30 minutes after I work out or later in the day I will crash, so I usually make smoothies with peanut or almond butter, spinach, kale, dates, cocoa, almond milk, hemp seeds, and chia seeds.”


Hydro Flask

“I never have soda, but I drink a lot of naturally-flavored sparkling water, such as grapefruit or lemon. I always have a full reusable bottle with me and make sure I empty it by the end of the day. I am on planes so much that it’s always a challenge for me to stay hydrated. This bottle is my family’s go-to as they also have a version for kids.”


Lancôme Hydrating Skin Tint SPF 23

“I am not a huge makeup person so I use this tinted face lotion with sunscreen if I am going to the ballpark and want some coverage. I don’t like having foundation on my face. I prefer to let my skin breathe.”


Photo: ESPN (Mendoza)