EQX Father's Day

THEMAGIC5 Blue Magic Mirror Goggles

“Open water swimming season starts soon. I’d love a pair of these goggles. They come with a protective case and are tailored to fit only my eyes—helpful for keeping my son James (three) from scratching the lenses or trying to use them at the pool.”

—Dan Daly, Tier X coach at Columbus Circle in New York City

Apple Watch Series 4

"I’m always looking to improve my runs. Now that Spotify has an app for the Apple Watch, it’s time for me to get on board with wearable tech. I would love a Series 4 for Father’s Day this year. Hopefully, my two teenage daughters, Emma (almost 17) and Chelsea (13) can stay off Snapchat long enough to pick one up for me—I may have more luck with my four-legged daughter, Penny, though.”

—JJ Rosenfelt, group fitness instructor at Chestnut Hill in Boston

OneBlade HYBRID Razor

“As an Equinox group fitness instructor, it's rare to have traditional down time. Between trying to stay in shape and teaching, it just makes more sense to seek pleasure in tasks that must also be accomplished. So, I take daily activities like commuting and grooming as "productive" down time. My daughter, Samira (age three), and twin boys, Cameron and Aiden (age two), love to help me shave, so this would just be an extension of father and baby time.”

—Brian Robinson, group fitness instructor at Brookfield Place in New York City


Apple AirPods

“My three-year-old daughter Melina is full of energy and sass. For Father’s Day, I would love a pair of AirPods so I can finally live a wireless life.”

—George Kalantzis, Tier 3+ trainer at Chestnut Hill in Boston

Samsung Galaxy Watch

“As a business owner, fitness professional, and athlete, I need to be able to stay connected. But, being a father of an eight-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy means I shouldn't be staring into my phone all the time. I think a smartwatch would make me a productive dad indeed. I can quickly hit the answer button on the watch while moving and playing with my kids.”

—Angel Aulet, group fitness instructor at Williamsburg in New York City

Beddit Sleep Monitor

“I’m a dad to two kids, Quinn (eight) and Parker (two). Any parent knows that sleep is the ultimate commodity (and one that is sometimes in scarce supply). I’d love this monitor to measure and analyze my sleep, which will help me understand my recovery patterns.”

—Wesley Pederson, group fitness manager at Orange County in California