Get a better grip

Expert insight:

When you write with a pencil, the dry lead is more likely to smudge compared to the wet ink of a marker, which settles into the paper. In the same way, powder chalk sits on top of your skin while the liquid kind sinks into it, making the latter superior in two major ways, Conlon says.

First, it’s better at penetrating all the tiny creases on your palms and fingers, giving you a better grip. Second, it lasts about twice as long as powder does since it adheres more to your skin, she explains. This comes in handy when you’re doing kettlebell flows or several heavy reps where continued grip is key. Plus, you can wrap up your workout without getting white residue on your clothes.

The bottom line:

Use liquid chalk for longer-lasting traction during strength workouts or Equinox classes such as Pure Strength and Kettlebell Power, Conlon says. She recommends this option from Dry Hands.