Why high performers love weed

Expert insight:

The THC high is pretty similar to the runner’s high, which makes you feel euphoric after a solid workout, explains lead study author Angela Bryan, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Smoking or ingesting cannabinoids in weed might affect you in the same way, delivering a pre- and mid-workout version of the high that makes exercise (especially those with repetitive motions like running or cycling) seem more alluring and meditative, she adds.

As for recovery, researchers know CBD and THC can control inflammation and a large 2017 report confirms cannabis is a legitimate pain reliever.

The bottom line:

If you don’t know your tolerance, Bryan recommends legal users start with a 2.5-milligram dose of THC before cardio. Avoid weed before HIIT or heavy lifting sessions, since it can make you dizzy and negatively impact your control over the weights.

Post-workout, using a CBD lotion or cream (with 2.5 mg or less of THC) on sore muscles may speed recovery, Bryan adds.