Share your weed habits

Expert insight:

Getting high regularly can cause a buildup of THC in the body, explains lead study author Mark Twardowski, DO, an osteopathic internal medicine physician in Grand Junction, Colorado. Researchers aren’t sure exactly why, but as a result you may metabolize certain meds more quickly (meaning they wear off faster) and your brain may not respond as strongly to them (lessening their sedative effects).

It’s unclear whether the compound affects how you process non-sedatives or whether pure CBD products will mess with interactions as well, Twardowski notes.

The bottom line:

Even if smoking, vaping, or having edibles is a sometimes habit, you should disclose it to anyone involved in your medical care including your GP, OBGYN, dentist, and surgeon, Twardowski says. (You’re protected by HIPAA, even if weed is illegal in your state.) Cannabis, even in small doses, could have subtle effects on your health.