Q&A: Travis Wall

What’s your fitness regimen?

Four or five days of the week, I’m training. I get a lot of cardio out at my job dancing and being a choreographer, but less muscle-toning. At the gym, I like to lift weights and keep my mobility up while gaining muscle mass. I do a lot of bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and handstand push-ups.

What exercises are particularly important for dance?

It’s so important to have a strong core for partnering and moving around. I do a lot of core-stabilizing exercises like planks and push-ups with bringing my knees to my elbows. If my core’s not strong, my spine is all over the place.

How has your approach to exercise changed throughout your multi-decade-long career?

I grew up battling a really slow metabolism and never had a muscular body type. I gained a lot of weight throughout puberty, which made me very insecure. Whenever there was a revealing costume or when I was at the beach, I never wanted to take my shirt off—it caused me a lot of stress and anxiety. Because of Equinox, I started making a change. At first, exercise was very intimidating and I had so many goals. In the beginning, I wouldn’t see the results, but then I completely changed my diet and learned a lot about rest. Suddenly, my energy level changed, and I became really strict about pushing myself and not making excuses. I used to just sit down and pump iron, but now everything’s about mobility and keeping my movements fluid. I get bored easily, so I’m constantly looking for new exercises. Working out should be fun, so I’m enjoying my life in the process of changing it. I have a great group of friends and trainers that I like to work out with, which has helped me gain confidence and feel comfortable at the gym.

What diet changes did you make?

Because of my metabolism, I’m not someone that can just eat whatever I want. Carbs slowed me down, so I cut them out of my diet. This past year, I did a 31-day cleanse: stopped drinking, got rid of carbs, sugar, and dairy. The transformation my body underwent was incredible. I was really proud of myself—I set my mind to it and achieved it.

Why did you decide to join Equinox?

I travel a lot for work and I just don’t get the same workout anywhere else. I love the way you’re greeted, I love to work out with trainers, and I love to work out with my friends at the clubs. I get really inspired by the people around me, and recently, people have been coming up to me and saying that my workouts inspire them. This is the thing that changed my life and body and gave me confidence. And now, I’m part of that process for someone else. It’s really cool.

How do you “achieve the impossible?”

Once I set a goal and I reach it, I want to go further. I’m always trying to be the best and strongest version of myself. The comfortability of my body has completely changed: how I hold myself, receive someone’s dating offer, and interact with people. My work has gotten better. I used to be someone who hated his body and hated himself when he looked in the mirror.

What’s your recovery like?

I stretch a lot, steam, and get massages and body work. I go to the chiropractor and, when I’m on tour, I have the luxury of having a physical therapist with me. When something hurts, I try not to shy away from the injury, but instead rehabilitate myself. I don’t want to deal with chronic pain and make it harder on myself.

Also, the greatest thing about what I do is that if I go super-hard in the gym, the next day, I have to dance and warm up. I have a lot of energy and I’m constantly moving and warming my body. I try to sleep eight hours a night or I just don’t function.

What are you working on at the moment?

My schedule is a smorgasbord of this and that. I’m filming a new musical movie and choreographing a Broadway show in New York City. I also have my own dance company in L.A. I’m flying somewhere every two days, working with J.Lo, and doing So You Think You Can Dance in the summers. I have to have a strong mindset to keep my gym regimen up.

What is it like appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

They film an entire season in three weeks! It’s very fast and intense—it’s a whirlwind. Shooting the last episode, I was at the studio for 40 out of 48 hours. I am the biggest fan of Drag Race, though, so I’m always just there geeking out.

What are your favorite places to travel?

I just did jobs in London and in Australia, and I had the best time. I could see myself living in both of those places. Rio and Tokyo are on my bucket list.

This interview has been edited for publication.