Where to eat in Nashville now

01 Marché Artisan Foods

"East Nashville is the best area to be in for restaurants, as there are a ton of new places opening there. Marché Artisan Foods is a great European-style brunch place,” says Walker. Though the menu changes daily, they generally offer healthy fare like house-made granola with vanilla yogurt and a fruit tartine topped with strawberries and balsamic glaze. The croissant French toast is Walker’s favorite—he orders it with soft-scrambled eggs, cheese, and turkey sausage.  

02 Butcher & Bee

Butcher & Bee on Main Street is also really popular for brunch—their whipped feta with fermented honey, cracked pepper, and pita is a must-have,” recommends Walker. Try the shakshuka with Israeli salad or the baby greens with shawarma chicken thigh.

03 The Turnip Truck

“The is like Whole Foods but smaller—I usually go in and grab a salad for lunch. You can [get] a healthy plate or a juice and grocery shop at the same time,” says Walker. Choose between the East Nashville and Gulch locations and sip on a Audrey Hepburn smoothie (strawberry, blueberry, açai berry, and apple juice) or the Ninja Turtle juice with cucumber, celery, spinach, and broccoli while you peruse the Paleo-, vegan-, and vegetarian–friendly selections.  

04 Mitchell Delicatessen

According to Walker, “Mitchell Delicatessen is the place to go for sandwiches.” They emphasize local, artisanal ingredients and boast a wide selection including the BBQ Asian tofu with avocado, pickled cucumber, and sprouts. They also have a separate menu of exclusively healthy creations available upon request.

05 The Treehouse

“The first restaurant I head to for dinner when I get back to town is The Treehouse. The menu changes all the time as it’s seasonal. I had their grilled squid tacos last time, which were so good. I recommend the baby lettuce salad with mushrooms, sunflower seeds, and kale dressing,” says Walker.

06 The Catbird Seat

“If you want somewhere upscale for a nice date night, go to the in Midtown. It only has 22 seats, so it’s hard to get into. They do a multi-course menu with wine pairings and I really love when I can get in there,” Walker explains. New chefs Will Aghajanian and Liz Johnson recently took over the tasting menu–only kitchen. Reserve seats in advance.

07 Rosemary

Rosemary in Five Points is a really cool spot. It’s a house that was turned into a bar, so you feel like you’re at a house party. There’s a vegan taco truck in the back and the tacos are so good you can’t even tell they don’t have meat in them,” says Walker.

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