Try this cheese hack


You shouldn’t toss the Parmesan rind after you’ve eaten the rest of the block. Instead, use it like you would herbs and spices in cooking to introduce big flavors to your meals.


The rind is too hard to eat on its own, but that doesn’t render it useless. “It’s pungent and salty,” says Katzie Guy-Hamilton, New York City-based director of food and beverage for Equinox and author of Clean Enough.

To take advantage, add the rind to cooking liquids like stocks, sauces, and stews. The solid edge won’t melt completely, meaning it adds an earthy taste to dishes without the fat and calories that typically come with cheese.


Instead of ditching the rind, store it in a glass container in the freezer, where it’ll keep for up to two months, Guy-Hamilton says. When you’re ready to use it, put it into your cooking liquid, let it simmer, and remove it after 20 minutes.