Jumpstart your productivity

The science:

Detaching from work once you leave the office hopefully feels like second nature. But according to new research, reattaching to work in the morning is just as important.

In the study, those who did so performed better, felt more focused, and had greater job satisfaction.

Expert insight:

“The need for thoughtful transitions goes both ways,” says Laura Vanderkam, Philadelphia-based productivity expert whose TED Talk on optimizing your free time has more than eight million views.

Reattaching involves taking time each morning to remind yourself of your intentions. For example, you might think about your to-do list, decide which task you’ll tackle first, or figure out what you’ll say during a presentation. “You can also visualize having accomplished these things at the end of the day,” Vanderkam says.

The bottom line:

Dedicate a few minutes to these thoughts before you get to work—while getting dressed, drinking coffee, or commuting—not once you’re there. That way, you’re mentally prepared as soon as you arrive.