Try at-home microneedling

Expert insight:

Collagen production slows down with age, causing the skin to wrinkle and look more slack. Microneedling creates tiny tears that prompt the body to make more of the natural volumizer, says Sarah Garland, senior manager of planning for EQX Body Lab in New York City. The result: plumper, tighter skin—especially if you do it regularly.

But you can only get professional treatments every four to six weeks since their relatively big needles leave larger tears. To up the benefits, Garland suggests using an at-home dermaroller two to three times between sessions. Choose one with 0.2- to 0.25-millimeter needles (like this option), which don’t penetrate as deeply.

The bottom line:

Use this basketweave technique at night so your skin can repair while you sleep: On a clean, dry face, start at the outer jawline and roll up in vertical lines from ear to nose (so you’ve covered the entire cheek). Then, beginning at the same outer jawline, roll horizontally over the area. Repeat on the other side and follow the same pattern on the forehead, neck, and collarbones. Use light pressure and never roll over the same spot more than twice.