Streamline your makeup bag

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Depotting is great for going from the gym to work, but also for air travel as a way to get around TSA regulations.

Louise Constad

To condense your bag even more, cut down on bottles and containers by using a pillbox palette to hold dollops of skincare products, like moisturizer and eye cream. Using a clean knife or small spoon, scoop a grape-sized amount of product from its original container and deposit into different slots.

Constad recommends getting creative with the type of makeup included; for example, she breaks an eye or lip pencil in half to make it fit into a pillbox slot (just make sure to sharpen both halves).

If you’re willing to stick with one brand, MAC and NARS offer a variety of different palette sizes you can customize with their eyeshadows, concealers, and more. They’re a good way to experiment and see what type of cosmetics and colors you use the most before depotting on your own.

Photography by Jarren Vink. Styling by Wendy Schelah.