Workout-proof your lashes

When it comes to semi-permanent beauty procedures, very few things can enlivenyour appearance quite like an eyelash treatment. Lash lifts, tints, and extensions are becoming increasingly popular due to their relatively low-maintenance applications and long-lasting results. They’re also great for athletes, since they let you jump right into your workout without having to remove—then reapply—your mascara. But you should take your preferred exercise into consideration when choosing your treatment, says Gil Lee, the New York City-based CEO of Lash Lift NYC. Another thing to consider: your salon choice. Since lash technicians work so closely to the eyes, it’s important to look for a certified expert, notes Rhea Souhleris Grous, director of aesthetics at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City. Below, the treatments that are best for runners, yogis, and more.


“This method uses a perming solution to physically lift your lashes,” says Lee. The results mimic the eye-opening curve that a lash curler would provide, without the tool. It’s best for anyone who engages in high-intensity training, since after the initial 12-hour setting period, your lashes are water and rub-proof. The finished look lasts for six to eight weeks, depending on your natural lash turnover.


Lash tints are ideal for runners, cyclists, or anyone whose workout induces a lot of sweat. Tints replace the need for mascara; Souhleris Grous notes that even waterproof versions often smudge and flake during exercise. Applying a tint is like dying the hair on your head—it darkens lashes to give them the look of a perfectly clean mascara application. The treatment is completely sweat-proof, lasts from six to eight weeks, and can also be done in tandem with a lift if desired.


“Lash extensions are the only procedure that immediately provides volume, thickness, length, curl, and color,” says Souhleris Grous. They also demand the most upkeep of all three treatments, since they require a touch-up every other week. The process involves having individual hairs (either natural or synthetic) glued to your real lashes. They’re best for anyone that prefers low-impact workouts like Pilates or yoga, since excess sweat from running or HIIT can make them fall out faster, says Lee, especially if those activities cause you to rub your eyes. It’s the most customizable approach—you can choose the length, density, and shape of the extensions for a natural or glamorous look.