6 power poses for 2019


Lizard pose

Begin in downward-facing dog and on an exhale, step your left foot forward to the outside edge of your left hand. Lower your right knee down to the ground so the bottom of the right foot points up and the toes point back. Keep the left knee directly above the right ankle, and lower onto your forearms, resting your forehead on the ground. (You can also lower onto a block or two if needed.) Hold and repeat on opposite side.

Humble warrior pose

Start in Warrior I pose with the left leg in front, knee directly over ankle, and toes pointing forward. Keep the right leg straight and behind you with the right foot pointing outward. Interlace your hands behind your back. On an exhale, bow forward to bring your torso in line with your left thigh and drop your head toward the ground. Lift both arms, keeping hands interlaced, so they point toward the sky. Hold and repeat on opposite side.

Half moon pose

Stand tall with right foot rotated so the toes point straight out to the right. Straighten your arms out to the sides and step your left leg farther out to the left, creating more space between the feet. Slowly shift your weight onto your right foot, keeping arms straight, lifting your left leg, and lowering your torso to the right until both torso and left leg are parallel to the ground. Hold and repeat on opposite side.

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One-legged side plank

Start in a plank with shoulders over wrists. Step your feet together and roll onto the outer edge of your right foot, stacking the left foot on top of it. Raise the left arm straight up toward the sky, keeping left shoulder directly above the right one. Lift your hips so your body forms a straight line, then raise the left leg until it’s parallel to the ground. Hold and repeat on opposite side.


Crow pose

Squat down and place your hands flat on the ground (or mat) in front of your feet at about shoulder-width. Spread your fingers wide and without moving the hands or feet, raise your hips toward the sky. Slowly lift your heels off the ground, press the knees into the backs of your upper arms, and shift your weight onto your fingertips, picking one foot off the ground at a time. Bend your elbows for balance if needed. Eventually, you will be able to use your core to stabilize yourself and straighten the elbows.

Flying pigeon pose

Start standing tall with feet at hip-width, spread your toes, and distribute your weight evenly across your feet. Draw your belly button toward your spine, then shift your weight onto your right leg, lift the left foot off the ground, bend your right leg, and place the left ankle on the right knee so you’re in figure four pose, bringing hands together in front of your chest. Lean your torso forward as you bend deeper into the right leg until your torso is folded over the left shin and place hands on the ground at shoulder-width, fingers spread. Flex your left foot and slowly raise your right foot, leaning your body forward until you feel balanced on your hands. Extend your right leg back and up. Hold and repeat on opposite side.