No-shave November: Equinox trainers

Every year, men forgo their scissors and clippers in favor of letting their beards grow out for No-Shave November. Whether participants are putting down their razors in the name of cancer awareness or to add a layer of warmth, facial hair requires a roster of products to keep it soft, tamed, and stylish. We asked five Equinox trainers who take pride in their scruff for their tips and product choices. From oils to brushes to trimmers, here are their recommendations.

Jacques Delaugère, Tier 3+ trainer at West 76th Street, New York

“Having a beard keeps me warm in the brutal New York City winter, and ‘clean shaven’ doesn’t suit me,” says Delaugère. He turns to this trimmer for clean edges and to keep his beard the optimal thickness and length. He also uses a hydrating balm to tame flyaways and soothe. “It ensures I don’t have itchy skin, both under the beard and in the areas I trim.”

Jonathan Avery, Tier 3 trainer at Flatiron, New York

“My favorite part of having a beard is that it serves as my own built-in scarf in the winter,” says Avery. He opts for this boar-bristle brush from Beardeur that distributes natural oils to nourish and detangles the hair without compromising its texture. He styles with Gib’s Bush Master beard, hair, and tattoo oil. “I’ve tried a lot of different balms, butters, and oils, but the Bush Master has a great scent and is best at keeping my mess both soft and manageable.”

Rashawn Smith, Tier 2 trainer at Flatiron, New York

“I like having a beard because it shows maturity and wisdom,” says Smith. To hydrate and soften his hair, he combines this shea-butter conditioner with a homemade oil blend of coconut, argan, avocado, Vitamin E, almond, cedarwood, lemongrass, and peppermint, similar to this deep-conditioning oil from Jack Black. This keeps his beard hairs from scratching his face or straying out of place. When he needs a touch-up, he uses this Andis trimmer for its sharp blades and nostalgic element. “Andis brings back memories, since my dad used to cut my hair with it as a kid,” Smith says.

Scott Fournier, Tier 3+ trainer at Yorkville, Toronto

“I enjoy the aesthetic elements of having a beard, and I find it suits my jaw structure,” says Fournier. “It also gives me something to play with, style-wise.” He uses this sandalwood oil from the Rocky Mountain Barber Company with a boar hair beard brush from Zeus. “I love these products together because they allow you to shape and condition your beard without making it greasy.” The oil is a great moisturizer for both skin and hair and the brush acts as an exfoliator, he adds.

Tim Machado, Tier 3+ trainer at Santa Monica, California

“I like the convenience of not having to shave everyday. I also like that a beard makes me look mature, and that it’s very soft.” Machado maintains this softness with a grooming oil from Kiehl’s. For cleaning the edges and managing bulk and style, he prefers this trimmer from Remington, which has interchangeable blades for different shapes.