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Have more power over your performance.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a popular treatment offered by physical therapists to help with injuries or pain. Now, the fit crowd is increasingly using at-home EMS devices to optimize their workouts and speed up their recovery.
These tools use electrical impulses to stimulate your muscles to contract involuntarily, which can benefit you in terms of strength, endurance, and recovery, explains Mubarak "Bar" Malik, director of performance for the New York Knicks, who uses the PowerDot every day.

When used pre-workout, the therapy prepares your muscles to fire during your session. Afterward, it helps them relax, speeding up recovery. For example, you might target the quads before and after a leg routine or the delts before and after exhausting your shoulders.
If you’re injured or experiencing pain, at-home EMS tools can’t replace in-office treatments, notes Matt Delaney, New York City-based national manager of innovation at Equinox.

That said, they can optimize your routine if your body is healthy. He and Malik both recommend the FDA-approved PowerDot 2.0. Use the potentiation program to warm your muscles up before a session and the active recovery or massage setting once you’re done.