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A body fat scanner, biohacking headphones, and more

Technology moves as fast as any high-intensity workout. With new fitness-focused releases constantly flooding the market, it’s hard to figure out which are actually worth your time. To help you keep pace, Furthermore tapped Equinox’s top experts, asking them: Which recent advances in tech do high performers need for superior fitness? Here, the six products that earned their stamp of approval.

halo sport

“A neural priming headset that stimulates the motor cortex using a small dose of electrical current, Halo Sport increases neuroplasticity and accelerates motor learning. I’ve seen measurable improvements across a diverse group of clients in both complex skills and basic movement patterns since introducing the device during dynamic warm-ups. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to improve skill, strength, and performance.” – Matt Delaney, CSCS, New York City-based national manager of innovation at Equinox
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shimano di2 shifting system

“Many bikes have cables connecting the shifters on the handlebars to the gears, which are part of the pedals and the back wheel. E-shifting uses electronic signals instead. I love how clean the bike looks without the shifting cables, and the responsiveness is incredible. I can instantly be in the right gear for any climb or descent. This is perfect for riding in the mountains near Pasadena where I live.” – Jennifer Martin, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, sleep specialist, and Equinox Health Advisory Board member based in Los Angeles
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“This smart mirror uses optical scanning to estimate body composition or percentage body fat based on a person’s 3D shape. Unlike traditional body comp scales, the Fit3D [used by Equinox's Tier X program] provides an image in addition to other health-relevant metrics. A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to behavior change.” – David Stark, MD, Equinox Health Advisory Board member and assistant professor of health system design and global health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City
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boa sequential compression

“BOA is a system that covers the legs, hips, and torso to push blood and lymph back toward the heart. It also applies a compression massage to the soft tissue, which can speed up recovery by boosting circulation, improving nutrient transport, and removing waste products more efficiently. Better recovery leads to better performance.” – Matt Delaney, CSCS
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zero fasting tracker

“I practice time-restricted feeding: I eat during an eight-hour window and fast the rest of the time. I like tracking my hours using the Zero app. It’s ridiculously simple and it has a cool collection of videos explaining this new nutrition science and how it better fuels the body for performance.” – Pam Peeke, MD, fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and member of the Equinox Health Advisory Board based in Rockville, Maryland
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“I use this handheld vibration massage device to combat the effects of sitting at a desk. The tool improves range of motion and gives you an energy boost by increasing blood flow and circulation. This is a quick way to mimic some of the physiological responses of activity without going out for a walk or a workout.” – Alex Zimmerman, CSCS, Los Angeles-based director of the Tier X program at Equinox
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