Fitness vocab: 3-cycle system

Science shows it improves various markers of health.

Consider this Furthermore series further education for fitness. Here, we help define the terms that all athletes should know.

TERM: 3-Cycle System

DEFINITION:It’s a program used by Equinox that has been research-proven to improve strength, power, aerobic capacity, and lean body mass levels.

In Cycle 1, you master fundamental movement patterns and set a foundation for high-level training, says Matt Berenc, Beverly Hills-based director of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute. For example, a trainer might have a client perfect their bodyweight squat form before adding weight or moving on to squat thrusters.

Cycle 2 includes more stressful work. People might add more weight, up their volume, or incorporate more complex moves. Finally, Cycle 3 combines high-intensity training with skill-based exercises.

Here’s an example of what you might do in each cycle: In Cycle 1, you’d perform a half-kneeling ViPR chop with a focus on perfecting the movement. In Cycle 2, you would progress to the ViPR single-leg deadlift to balance, further honing the movement while adding intensity. And in Cycle 3, you would kick things into high gear with the kettlebell clean to overhead press.

To get started with the 3-Cycle System, check out the below workouts.

Get the Cycle 1 moves.
Get the Cycle 2 moves.
Get the Cycle 3 moves.
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