Red carpet grooming tips for men

5 ways to get camera-ready hair, skin, and stubble

This Sunday, A-listers like John Legend, Milo Ventimiglia, Donald Glover, and Edgar Ramirez will walk down the red carpet at the 70th Emmy Awards with perfectly trimmed stubble, flawlessly coiffed hair, and seemingly spotless skin.

We spoke with four of the most in-demand professional groomers to find out what they do to get their clients red carpet-ready.

shave two days out.

If you don’t like the clean-shaven look, shave two days before your event to achieve the right amount of stubble. “Of course, this depends on the rate your stubble grows out,” says Mira Chai Hyde., Los-Angeles-based groomer to Michael Phelps, George Clooney, and Kendrick Lamar. So it may take a little trial and error, but two days is a good starting point. Use a razor or a professional clipper.

schedule your haircut the day before.

“I always feel a cut is better the day before an event,” says KC Fee, a makeup artist and groomer in Los Angeles who counts Armie Hammer among her clients. “This allows time for you to live in it, mess with it a little bit, and get the shape right.” That way, you aren’t styling it for the first time right when you need to be camera-ready.

conceal your blemishes.

If you’ve got tired, dark eyes, uneven skin tone, or an untimely pimple, a concealer can help, says Erica Sauer, a groomer and barber based in New York City who works with Donald Glover, Alexander Skarsgård, and Will Smith. “Use small concealer brush for smaller blemishes and spots, and pat in the concealer with your fingers,” she says. You might also consider a tinted moisturizer. “It has just enough color in it to give some coverage and even out the skin tone without looking like you are wearing makeup,” she says.

make your hairstyle last all night.

To have movement and texture that you can casually adjust throughout the night, target the roots of your hair with mattifying powder, says Lucy Halperin, a makeup artist and groomer based in Los Angeles who works with celebs like Jason Bateman and Steve Carell. It acts like an oil-absorbing dry shampoo. “This will give the hair hold at the root, without the feeling and look of a heavy spray,” she says. You can also combine a molding paste and a shine paste: “When mixed together, they give just the right amount of hold with a slight shine,” Halperin explains.

ensure you don’t shine.

It’s easy to overheat at events. That’s why it’s crucial to pocket some oil-absorbing blotting papers, Chai Hyde says. Gently pat one across your forehead and nose, or anywhere where there’s a bit of shine, and you’ll be instantly matte.