Jenné Lombardo: Staying Fit Anywhere

The entrepreneur on movement, travel, and how the two intersect

Travel breeds the need to experience, feel, and do the unfamiliar. But even when your plans take you out of your regular day-to-day, there are some parts of your routine that you can’t leave at home. Furthermore has partnered with the Platinum Card from American Express to show you how entrepreneurs in fashion, design, and other fields take the most essential aspects of their lifestyles with them on their adventures—anytime, anywhere.

You can’t present the best version of yourself at the gym, in the office, or with friends and family without first being confident. “People are realizing they need to feel good about themselves on the inside before they can look good on the outside,” says Jenné Lombardo, a Platinum Collective advisory board member and founder and CEO of The Terminal Presents, a branding and marketing firm for companies focused on travel, style, and more.

For Lombardo—whose summer plans include jaunts to Ibiza, Spain; Malibu, California; Bodrum, Turkey; and Montauk, New York—exercise is a must if she wants to optimize her confidence. “Working out is always the most important thing to me, so I build everything around that,” she says. Furthermore caught up with her to learn how she’s weaving movement into her everyday, everywhere she goes.

What does travel add to your life?

Travel makes me a better version of myself. I like to feel the extreme sides of things and I find that when I travel. The newness, getting to experience different cultures—it makes me feel excited, curious, and fulfilled.

How do you prioritize fitness when you’re away from home?

I know where I can work out in Miami very well, I know where I can work out in L.A. very well, but when I go abroad and into other time zones, I find it’s particularly challenging. I usually pack a jump rope and wing it from there.

Why is exercise important to you?

It allows me to enjoy food more. I know that sounds crazy, but I’m Sicilian and I love to eat. I’m not afraid of food, but it’s about give and take. Working out also puts me in the right headspace. I love the rush of the endorphins that I get from it. You can conquer anything in the world if you can get through physically grueling exercises.

How has fitness infiltrated your everyday style?

I go many days wearing just workout clothes when I can get away with it. The overall athleisure looks have evolved too, allowing us to transition from gym to work to evening so seamlessly. I’ve become a major sneaker-head. I spend more on Nike than I would on Chanel.