Men feel post-sex blues, too


In a new study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, researchers found that 41 percent of men have suffered from post-coital dysphoria, the feeling of sadness, anxiety, or irritation immediately after having sex. Twenty percent of men reported having the experience in the last four weeks and four percent on a regular basis.


Up until now, researchers had only looked at post-sex blues in women. Studies on men, on the other hand, focused on the earlier stages of sex (like excitement and orgasms) rather than what follows.

This is the first time science has shown that men experience it, too. “Considering how common it is to experience post-coital dysphoria from time to time suggests that it’s part of the normal human response,” says study author Joel Maczkowiack, a master’s student at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Its causes are unknown, though genes and hormones could play a role.


If you experience post-sex blues once in a while, consider staying in bed a little longer. Past studies show that couples who talk, kiss, or cuddle afterward are more sexually satisfied than those who don’t, the researchers say.

Photo: Getty Images