6 easy chickpea recipes

People who eat them regularly have higher levels of important electrolytes.

Hummus’ main ingredient deserves a bigger place in your diet. A recent study in the journal Nutrientsfound that people who eat chickpeas and hummus have more of the important electrolytes magnesium and potassium compared to those who skip these foods.

That’s important considering research suggests that regular exercisers have higher magnesium demands than the average body. Garbanzo beans are also rich in potassium (which plays a role in preventing muscle cramps and fatigue), protein, and filling fiber.

Increase your intake with these delicious recipes.

roasted cauliflower chickpea salad

All the veggies are roasted in one pan so prep and clean-up are a breeze. In addition to the health benefits, the chickpeas provide crunch.
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mediterranean mezze bowl

The word ‘mezze' means appetizer. This bowl combines all of your favorite Mediterranean snacks, including hummus, in one meal.
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beet hummus

Like traditional hummus, this version contains canned chickpeas. It gets the flavor and color enhancements from red beets—a natural source of nitrates, which help enhance blood flow.
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roasted garbanzo beans

Roasted chickpeas are a great on-the-go snack or addition to salads and grain bowls. Plus, they’re easy to make.
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greek seven layer dip

In this twist on the classic Mexican dish, hummus makes up the creamy base layer and Greek yogurt stands in for sour cream. Serve it with vegetables or whole wheat pita chips.
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chickpea faux pasta salad

Swap pasta for chickpeas and you’ll get more fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals without skimping on taste.
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Your healthy weeknight meal plan

Reinvent pizza and taco nights.

Your healthy weeknight meal plan

This week, experiment with chickpea flour and cooking fish en papillote.