Locker room essential: powdered beauty products

These 5 picks are perfect for your gym bag or carry-on.

Most beauty stashes are filled with jars, bottles, and tubes full of serums, oils, and creams. But it’s time to consider powdered beauty products as gym bag staples and travel must-haves thanks to their spill-proof nature and highly-concentrated formulas.

“These powder formulations have been freeze-dried, and any water or alcohol has been extracted,” says Ginger King, a cosmetic chemist in Parsippany, New Jersey. What’s left behind is a more potent iteration of the original ingredients—one that’s more stable and allows for control over the precise amount of product applied. That stabilization also gives powder a longer lifespan than its liquid counterparts.

Including a cleanser, sunscreen, and even a fragrance, these powdered options are all liquid-free, melt-proof, and TSA-approved.

Photo: Frauke Fischer / Blaublut-Edition.com

tatcha the rice polish: deep

Oilier types and those who get super sweaty during workouts will love this water-activated exfoliating cleanser, which has pore-tightening Japanese rose for an extra-clarifying face wash. “You can decide the amount of exfoliation you get simply by adjusting how much or how little water you use,” King says.
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colorescience sunforgettable total protection brush-on shield spf 50

Forget slathering on liquid sunscreen every two hours. This dry brush-on formula is not only ideal for midday fixes (and mitigating an oily post-workout complexion), but also comes in four different shades to match a variety of skin tones. The powdered formula also fills any theoretical gaps liquid SPF would leave you with thanks to its fluffy brush.
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kos paris eclat des songes

This body powder is applied with a puff and absorbs oil, adds lustrous, rose-gold highlights, and smells like vanilla, rose, and spicy patchouli. “If your skin is sensitive to alcohol typically found in fragrances, this is a plausible alternative,” King says. “It’s less drying and will help the fragrance last longer.”
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vitabrid c12 face brightening powder

Vitamin C is one of the most lauded skincare ingredients for its proven efficacy in brightening and evening of complexions. But because the antioxidant is known to be sensitive to light and air, it’s hard for beauty brands to stabilize it for use in water-based creams. “When powdered, it functions like a booster pack, giving skin a potent dose,” King says.
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loli beauty matcha coconut paste

This mask blends the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich abilities of its namesake superfood ingredients to replenish and refine skin. After mixing this powder with water, the clay in it swells, according to King. When applied to the face the clay drys, which in turn pulls excess oil from the skin.
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