Elevated move: plank with push-offs

This treadmill variation is ideal for runners.

You already have the classic move mastered. But instead of moving onto something entirely new, it’s time to challenge yourself to build off of what you’ve built and perfectly execute a next-level strength move. Think of this as a 2.0 version of a move you know and love. Here, the latest in our Elevated Move series:

THE MOVE: Plank with Push-Offs

THE CHALLENGE: Traditional planks improve isometric trunk stability but don’t develop the core’s ability to brace the spine while the legs are moving. The latter is critical to running performance.

“Planks have been around forever,” says Alicia Archer, a New York City-based group fitness instructor at Equinox. “It’s really how you tackle them that will make a difference.”

Combine the traditional exercise with treadmill push-offs to build a runner’s core. This elevated version of the move also strengthens the glutes so they can better drive through the ground with every foot strike.

THE LEAD-UP: Place the balls of feet a couple of feet from the end of the treadmill belt. Assume a high-plank position with hands under shoulders and body forming a straight line from head to heels. Keep shoulders down and brace your core.

: Keeping back flat and arms vertical, step one foot forward onto the end of the belt and drive through that leg. Repeat with the opposite leg, increasing speed until you’re running in the plank position. Keep your shoulders, torso, and core tight while letting your hips and knees drive the movement.