My healthy: Rens Kroes

The food blogger’s must-haves reflect her Dutch background and busy lifestyle.

For cookbook author and food blogger Rens Kroes, a focus on good nutrition runs in the family. Her grandfather was an organic farmer, her grandmother was an herbalist, and her mom is a nutritionist. “We had an amazing garden of fruits and vegetables,” she says. So the healthy food space was a natural choice for Kroes, who worked in an obesity clinic and had her own nutritional coaching practice in the Netherlands before working on her popular recipe blog and Power Foods cookbooks full-time. Between writing a lifestyle book (due out this fall), launching an ecommerce site, and traveling between Amsterdam and New York, Kroes took a minute to share her essentials with Furthermore. “The products I love to use are as natural as possible,” she says. Here, the things that help make her busy life a happy and healthy one.

ball mason jars

“They look so pretty in the kitchen. I fill them with all kinds of superfoods, such as quinoa, rice, and lentils.”
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hemsley + hemsley blog and cookbooks

“The way these two sisters from the U.K. talk about food is so lovely. They’re so down-to-earth and go deep in their descriptions of healthy foods.”
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rms beauty lip2cheek

“I like all of the products in this organic cosmetic company’s line, but this lip and cheek stain is one of my favorites. The orangey-red color makes your skin glow.”
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livia’s kitchen snacks

“These sweet treats are vegan, gluten-free, and amazing. The owner, Olivia, makes the snacks herself. I’ve known her a while and have watched her business grow.”
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books by michael pollan

“I love his take: He says that we should be eating what our grandmothers ate.”
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roetz bikes

“These Dutch bikes are sustainable and so cute. I have one right now in Amsterdam, and I wish I could ship it to New York.”
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