My healthy: Cassie de Pecol

The around-the-world adventurer on her must-haves for travel

To call Cassie De Pecol a seasoned traveler is a serious understatement. In 18 months, she visited every sovereign nation on earth, an undertaking that won her two Guinness World Records. She details her adventure and the lessons she learned along the way in her new book, Expedition 196: A Personal Journal from the First Woman on Record to Travel to Every Country in the World. Below, De Pecol shares her essentials for staying fit and organized on the road.

Learn more about her quest here.

republic of tea get some zzz’s

“During my expedition, I developed insomnia, and I’ve had a hard time falling asleep ever since. I'm up with the sun, so my day is shot if I can't get to bed at a reasonable hour. Since I’m not one to take prescription pills, the closest cure I've found is one or two bags of this tea—or three if I’m really in a pinch.”
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mark bell slingshot hammy band

“This resistance band is a game-changer. It activates the muscles for glute, hip, and hamstring strengthening. Plus, it’s made out of a durable material. It’s lasted me so long.”
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turmeric powder

“As someone who’s had their fair share of knee injuries, I’ve found that turmeric helps me the same—if not more—than Advil. I’ve made a habit of sprinkling it on everything.”
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dr. hauschka bronzing tint

“After I wake up, I splash my face with water and then coat my face and neck with this bronzing tint. I love the way it smells, and how it hydrates and makes my skin glow. It’s light enough to wear before a workout or beneath makeup.”
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knomo london mayfair knomad laptop organizer

“I whip this out when I’m on a plane or in a café and need to get work done. I refer to it as my portable office; it fits all my essentials. It’s so sleek.”
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bianchi carbon intrepida tiagra

“Since high school, I’ve ridden my mom’s Bianchi, which was passed down from her friend. It’s gotten me through countless triathlons. It wasn’t until last year that I saved up enough money to buy my own carbon-fiber road bike. I knew without question that it had to be a Bianchi.”
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reehut 2-in-1 foam roller

“This foam roller has two intensities. It’s also super-compact and fits into my carry-on or gym bag.”
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rōka wetsuit and goggles

“These wetsuits have a contoured seam, which allows for a skin-tight hold and waist-up buoyancy that makes for a better swim. My favorite goggles are their R1 pair. I went for months of swims before I had to de-fog them.”
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