4 lip stains for fall

Start September with one of these trending shades.

Summer is undoubtedly the time for a bare face or minimal makeup, since no highlighter can match the glow of a tan. While the start of September might mean your bronze begins to fade, the heat tends to linger until the end of the month, making it the perfect time to reach for long-lasting products like lip stains.

“I choose a stain over a lipstick because they’re effortless, but still make you look put together,” says New York City-based makeup artist Jenna Menard, whose clients include Kerry Washington and Kate Winslet. Plus, they last much longer than traditional lip products, so they won’t sweat or slide off despite the high temperature.

Below, four expert-recommended shades that are ideal to transition from summer to fall.

TPSY Dash Lip Marker in Playhouse
“Sheer berry lip colors are great post-summer because they’ll bring out your natural complexion better than a deeper color would,” says New York City-based makeup artist Neil Scibelli, who works with clients like Elle Macpherson. He recommends this stain with a marker-like applicator. For a true stain appearance, avoid outlining the lips with the tip; instead press the side of the pen in the middle of your bottom lip, then blend out using your finger.
Pro tip: Use a non-drying primer before your color product to help keep it in place.

RMS Lip2Cheek in Diabolique
Menard recommends using this rich wine pigment on the lips and cheeks for a trendy monotone look. Using your finger, blot a small amount of product on to create a sheer hint of color, applying more as needed depending on how deep you prefer the shade to be.
Pro tip: To customize your tint, swipe on any color lip pencil before the pigment.

Glossier Generation G in Like
“I love dry rose colors for autumn lips,” says Los Angeles-based makeup artist Mia Yang, whose work can be seen on the pages of Vogue Taiwan and Elle Mexico. Try Glossier’s lipstick/stain hybrid, which gives lips that post-popsicle tint. Swipe on your lips, as you would with a traditional lipstick, once for a sheer look or repeatedly for more noticeable color.
Pro tip: After applying a stain, blur the outline of your lips with a cotton tip for a more natural look.

Chanel Lip Balm and Powder Duo in Rosso Parthenope
“I love doing a stain for more natural looks,” says Los Angeles-based makeup artist Emily Cheng, who works with Yara Shahidi. She always applies a balm before the color to prep the lips, and likes this two-in-one Chanel product for that reason. Apply the balm, then press your lips with a tissue to remove excess before using your finger to press the powder on top. Continue to add powder until you reach the desired intensity of the color. “You can apply a light layer to keep it sheer, or deepen the tone to be on trend for fall,” says Cheng.
Pro tip: Always exfoliate with a lip scrub pre-application to avoid a dry, flaky texture.

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