Amazing feats of the human body

These videos showcase the many ways in which it can move.

The human body is a master of adaptation. Every day, it grows to meet the unique demands we place on it. It carries us through life and enables freedom both in and out of the gym. In the following collection of articles, we celebrate the human body’s incredible, diverse feats of strength.

the desert yogi

LA-based instructor Dylan Werner achieves a state of balance against a serene and beautiful backdrop.
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the animal flow

Equinox trainer Mike Fitch combines primal movements with his own understanding of traditional biomechanics.
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the contortionist

Equinox’s Briohny Smyth shows there’s no limit to what the artfully-honed yoga body can do.
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the street athletes of rio

Creating choreography in the cliffs of the favelas and lifting at the Flinstones gym, their culture is movement.
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the jump rope reel

This jaw-dropping routine shows the workout tool's potential to amaze.
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the human condition

Equinox member Jed McGiffin shares his story of adaptation following the loss of his left leg.
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the high performer

Ryan Robinson hones mental and physical strength on a highline above Oregon’s coast.
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the traveling rings

Behold bodyweight training in its most beautiful—and challenging—form.
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