My healthy: Daniel Holzman

How the active chef works out, plus his must-have kitchen tools

When brothers team up, you can get your favorite home makeover show, one of the year’s biggest hit songs, and Project Foodie, an app that acts as a virtual cookbook by providing real time, step-by-step recipe videos. Created by chef Daniel Holzman, the man behind New York City’s The Meatball Shop, and his Emmy award-winning brother Eli, the app’s recipes are restaurant-quality, yet approachable for a beginner.

Chef Holzman says that for him, cooking is easier, more delicious, and healthier than eating out. “But it can be massively stressful for other people,” he notes. “Now we can share with the world the joy our family has in the kitchen.”

When he’s not wearing his apron and clogs, you can find him hiking, riding his old-school bike, or training in Jiu Jitsu. Here, he shares his favorite cooking necessities, active gear, and more.

all-clad stainless 10” fry pan

It’s one of the best engineered pieces of cooking equipment and the most versatile. It’s the thing I reach for the most in the kitchen, period.
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shoyoroll jiu jitsu gi

I train in Jiu Jitsu fairly seriously—as seriously as an amateur could. I really like the Shoyoroll gis. They’re comfortable and people on the mat will think you’re very cool if you wear one.
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asolo fugitive gtx hiking boots

I’m a day hiker. This pair of Asolo hiking boots are so handsome they make the entire experience worth it. You have to get the beige with the red laces.
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wusthof 9” chef’s knife

Even though I have a great collection of Japanese knives, this knife is still a tool I use more than anything else.
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bridgestone rb-1 bicycle

I ride my bicycle every single day. It’s an old school, steel Bridgestone bike, which is so dope.
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old film cameras

I’m an avid photographer and I have a huge camera collection, including a Leica M6 that I carry around with me the most often. My Mamiya 6 takes the best pictures.