Try it: cold-pressed skincare

Ao skincare cleanser

This cleanser’s active ingredients include harakeke seed oil, which is rich in linoleic acid for hydration, and kiwi seed oil that’s high in vitamins C and E to protect against wrinkles. "While it’s a great option for most skin types, omega-6 linoleic acid is very rich, so it may be best to avoid this if you have oily skin,” says Garland.


Aphorism face oil

This is a powerful facial oil made from oolong tea, hemp, and jojoba. “Jojoba is a wonderful oil for all skin types because it’s similar to the sebum our bodies naturally produce,” says Garland.


Dr. Alkaitis makeup remover

“Using oil to remove oil-based makeup is very effective,” says Garland. “Plus the main ingredient, sweet almond oil, will help decrease dark under-eye circles.”


African botanicals marula oil

“This facial oil is ideal for balancing and healing acne-prone skin,” says Garland. The addition of neroli with the marula oil has anti-inflammatory properties that will effectively hydrate without clogging pores.


Youth to the people superfood mask

With kale, spinach, and alfalfa, this mask is like putting green juice right on your skin. “Kaolin clay helps deliver nutrients deep into the skin without drying it out, the leafy greens give skin a healthy dose of vitamins not usually found in skincare, and Vitamin K is great for skin healing and blood flow,” says Garland.


6 plant-based acne treatments

“Centella asiatica serves as a shield for the skin to prevent signs of aging.”