Celebrity playlist: Grey

Meet the duo behind one of this year’s biggest hits.

You have the dance group Grey to thank for one of the catchiest songs of 2018. When “The Middle,” their collaboration with superstar producer Zedd and breakout singer Maren Morris, dropped earlier this year it became an instant global chart-topper. For Grey (the moniker of brothers Kyle and Michael Trewartha), “The Middle” is the latest hit in an impressive string of dance jams, starting with their debut track “Starving” featuring Hailee Steinfeld. The band created a playlist for Furthermore comprised of their own music and personal favorites.

As for their workout routine, Michael notes the brothers look for “pretty much anything that is super fun but also really challenges us.” That’s no easy feat while they’re on a hectic touring schedule. “If all else fails, we just go as hype as we can on stage to burn those calories.”

zedd, maren morris, grey - the middle

dwilly, emilia ali - add

tove styrke - i lied

mura masa, bonzai - what if i go?

camila cabello, grey - crown

stephen - play me like a violin

quinn xcii - worst

what so not, daniel johns - be ok again

jay rock, kendrick lamar, future, james blake - king’s dead

grey, bahari - i miss you