3 vegetables athletes ignore

For a nutrition boost, expand your plant-eating palette.

While many fit bodies favor kale and broccoli, there are other nutrient-rich options that athletes shouldn't overlook. Below, three foods to incorporate into your diet.


This root veggie that’s part cabbage, part turnip is a rich source of vitamin C and fiber. Try spiralizing it, suggests Franklin Becker, co-founder of Hungryroot, and make veggie noodles with sweet basil gremolata for a quick post-workout meal.


Despite being 95 percent water, cucumbers are also a rich source of vitamin K, essential for bone health and the prevention of blood clots. Choose traditional varieties or mix things up with lemon ones.

sweet potato leaves

If you belong to a summer CSA, you may receive your sweet potatoes with the tops still on. Don’t discard them; throw these greens into a pan and sauté them with ginger and garlic for a flavor-packed side dish.