The fish you’re forgetting

Give salmon a rest and try this white-fleshed option.

Oily fish are part of a Blue Zone diet that has been shown to promote longevity. Mackerel and sardines are often touted for these benefits but athletes would be remiss not to include halibut in their diets as well.

A small, four-ounce filet contains 26 grams of protein and has a firm, meaty texture, making it a great substitute for chicken or pork. For professional distance runner Sara Hall, it's a go-to during her intense training. "I'll use it in enchiladas with lots of green sauce," she says. The fish also offers a similar heart-healthy omega-3 profile to tuna.

When shopping for filets, pick the bright white-hued chalky-looking ones since they have a higher oil content.

Thanks to its mild taste, halibut pairs well with a variety of flavors from bold to delicate. For recipe inspiration, start here:

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