How the healthy stay hydrated

6 water bottle picks you'll want to carry everywhere

Dehydration can lead to poor sleep, bad moods, and overeating. While there are high-tech options that can track how much water you’re consuming in a day, the easiest way to stay hydrated is to keep a water bottle in tow at all times.

Here are the picks that active bodies favor.

life factory glass water bottle

"I think it's really important to use glass for storing food, as well as drinking out of, to limit chemical absorption. Also, if you happen to drop it, the rubber casing usually prevents breakage." –Laura Prepon, actress
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baiji foldable water bottle

“It’s eco-friendly, portable, lightweight, and the proceeds go to a good cause.” –Galen Hooks, choreographer
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vapur anti-bottle

"Water is not only a major gym essential, it is a major essential, period. It’s crazy important to stay hydrated. Do not underestimate this major body and beauty secret. I love my Vapur Anti-Bottle. It’s easy to carry and can be folded and rolled up. It’s reusable, comes in every color, and of course is eco-chic." –Sarah Deanna, model
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s’well water bottle

"Swimming in salt water can make you dehydrated. These bottles keep your water cold even when it’s really hot outside.” –Dara Torres, Olympic swimmer
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bkr glass water bottle

"The water is in glass so it tastes great even in hot temperatures and I don't have to worry about creating trash or ingesting plastic byproducts."—Sarah Buscho, founder of Earth tu Face
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