The myth about walking


People overestimate the amount of time it’ll take them to walk from point A to point B by 10 minutes or more, according to a new study from researchers at Pennsylvania State University.


Because people typically drive or take public transport, they’re often unfamiliar with the best walking routes, says study author Melissa Bopp, Ph.D., an associate professor at Penn State. Without efficient directions, it's easier to think that going on foot will take too much time, which can discourage you from walking and push you to take the train or request an Uber or Lyft.

“By being more aware of one's actual use of time, most people will realize they can opt to walk more often than they thought,” she says.


Bopp recommends Google Maps for charting the best route. Apps like MapMyWalk can help you gauge your pace and decide how far ahead of time you should leave, she says.