Use light to help you sleep

Lighting Science Goodnight Sleep-Enhancing LED Bulb

This bulb was originally developed for NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station to help support their circadian rhythms. With 20 years of research to back it up, the bulb’s warm spectrum glow was inspired by candlelight. Put it in your bedside lamp for best results.


Sleepace Nox Music Smart Light

Make your bedroom more relaxing with this smart light, which mimics the sights and sounds of a spa to set you up for a solid rest. It raises melatonin levels with its warm, red glow and plays soothing music (or your favorite zen-inducing playlist) to lull you to sleep. The Sleepace app can monitor and track your movements, then turn the light off once you’re in slumber. 


Philips Hue Starter Kit

You can configure this bulb to slowly brighten in the morning and fade at night so it mimics sunrise and sunset. The Routines tab in the Philips Hue app allows you to schedule when you want these smart bulbs to turn on and off.


C by GE Sol

Adjust the brightness on this smart lamp by using the touch controls on its base. In the C by GE app, you can also make the light warmer or cooler based on the time of day or your mood. Since it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, it also responds to voice commands.