My healthy: Sweetgreen's Nicolas Jammet

The entrepreneur relies on green tea to power his mornings.

As a senior at Georgetown University in 2007, Nicolas Jammet and his two best friends, Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Neman, were frustrated by the lack of healthy food options that fit their lifestyles. “We didn’t understand why all of the most delicious, cool, and easily accessible food was also the least nutritious,” says Jammet. To address the problem, the trio opened the first Sweetgreen in D.C. in 2007. Now, the brand is on its way to opening 100 locations nationwide while maintaining its original mission of inspiring healthier communities by connecting people to real food.

Below, Jammet shares his wellness must-haves.

outdoor voices sunday shorts

“They're breathable and light, perfect for when I’m on the go.”
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sqirl jam

"This is from one of my favorite restaurants in LA."
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panacea daily face cleanser

"My good friend Terry Lee started this great gender-neutral skincare line."
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<i>onward</i> by howard schultz

"I recently finished this book by Schultz, who built one of the most iconic brands and cultures in the world."
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old skool vans

"I love this classic and comfortable pair."
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ippodo tea

“I wake up around 6 a.m. and make sure I fit in some meditation and yoga. After that I drink a ton of green tea throughout the morning."
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