The new eye cream

Maya chia eye achiever multi-correctional serum

Unlike creams, serums are absorbed fast and penetrate the skin more effectively. This one is lightweight and hydrates while reducing dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles. The extensive active ingredient list includes chia seed oil, which “has a similar weight to the body’s natural oils, so it soaks into skin well,” says Garland. The serum is delivered through a rollerball, which provides a cooling massage that improves circulation.


Tata harper boosted contouring eye mask

Compared to a cream, a mask is a more intensive treatment that can better delay signs of aging. This pick is a concentrated lifting and firming formula purported to help sculpt the area around the eyes. “Arnic, which is used to treat bruises, is a standout ingredient, which is used to treat bruises. Since dark circles under the eye are akin to bruising on the body, putting arnica around the area helps reduce them,” says Garland.


Farmaesthetics eyebright eye makeup remover & treatment oil

One benefit of using an oil over a cream is that the formula tends to be multi-tasking, as is the case with this product. It removes makeup while soothing redness and easing eye strain with the eyebright herb, which has been used internally and externally to treat tired and bloodshot eyes since the Middle Ages. “Because we’re so focused on computers and digital devices, eye strain is a huge issue,” says Garland. “Eyebright, along with the grapeseed oil found in the product, helps lift, firm, and brighten the skin.” It also contains chamomile, which has been shown to have a calming effect.


One love organics vitamin e eye balm

Thanks to nourishing ingredients like raw shea butter and vitamin E, this balm deeply moisturizes while smoothing and firming the area. It also creates a physical barrier to lock in nutrients and block out contaminants, as well as slow down water loss from the skin. Garland says this product includes fennel oil, which diminishes puffiness around the eyes.


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