My healthy: Caroll Lee

What the founder of Provenance Meals can’t live without

While running Provenance Meals, a Brooklyn-based prepared, organic meal delivery service, traveling, and parenting two kids, Caroll Lee still makes sure to prioritize self-care. “Beauty comes from the inside out, so if you feel well and eat well then that is going to be reflected on your face and your body,” she says. Here, she shares her must-have wellness essentials.

lanshin jade green gua sha stone

“I use this tool at the end of the day for a five-minute, at-home face sculpting ritual rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. It really brightens the skin and makes me feel like I’m doing something good for myself.”
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cap beauty matcha sticks

“I blend this matcha with grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and collagen powder into a creamy, green drink.”
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ultraflora control probiotics

“Studies show that bacteria living in your gut can influence your mood, energy level, skin health, and quality of sleep. This probiotic, which I take daily, contains a certain strain called bifidobacterium lactis B420. I find it helps me feel my best.”
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instant pot

“I love this kitchen tool and use it to make bone broth, which is full of minerals, collagen, and gelatin. It’s been a complete game-changer for me because it turns a 24- to 36-hour process into a three-hour one.”
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ancient minerals magnesium bath flakes

“Ideally, a once-a-week self-care ritual for me is taking a bath with magnesium salts. The mineral is known to be calming and can help with stress relief and decrease inflammation.”
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<i>eat happy: 30-minute feelgood food</i>

“I’m always reading a cookbook and I’m really excited about this one.”
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radio cherry bombe

“I’m often on-the-go and enjoy listening to podcasts. This one is created by and features other women entrepreneurs; it gives me a sense of community and inspires me to take my business to great heights.”
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the cut

“This is my favorite workout class at Equinox, bar none.”
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ebags tls mother lode weekender convertible junior

“I recharge through travel and try to take my kids all over the globe. This is my go-to carry-on.”
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