The case for moon circles

We lay down with our heads facing the circle. I know I will feel cooler as I get into a meditative state and my body temperature drops, so I cocoon myself in my sweater. Andrea drums and takes us through a guided meditation. She asks: Is it something or a thought you need to let go of? Is there a block that is preventing you from succeeding in an area of your life, is something out of balance?

A rain stick provides a soothing sound that helps us return to the present moment.

We then share our experiences and thoughts we had during the meditation. You are not obligated to share and similarly there are no judgments or opinions allowed in the room; all the conversations are supportive and productive.

The through lines that emerge in each circle tend to be powerful. Many women struggle with fertility and hormonal issues. Stress and a misplaced sense of shame can exacerbate these issues and sometimes you have a breakthrough moment by sharing in a safe space.

Both homeopathic and medical approaches to hormonal health are shared. Doctor and acupuncturist recommendations, stress reduction techniques, dietary changes such as seed cycling, recipes, exercises—many of these topics have come out during or after circles as a result of connections forged during the experience.

In no way am I claiming that circles have fixed participants’ hormonal issues, rather they create a space of relatedness, thus normalizing them and triggering change. The shame associated with hormonal health dissipates when you realize that you are not alone in an experience.

To end the evening, we enjoy some antioxidant-rich chocolate that boosts endorphins. We share our experience from the night, creating connections with one another, and listen to Andrea’s reflections. After a final short meditation we are able to depart or socialize; I float out after a few grateful goodbyes in order to sit with my thoughts that have arisen.

Being open to healing practices and meditative experiences is step one in readying yourself for a moon circle. Acknowledging the power of women coming together is step two. Step three is trying it. One of the most fantastic things about healing modalities is that there are so many. Those that resonate with you can go in your tool box.

Katzie Guy Hamilton is the food and beverage director at Equinox.

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