How private chefs keep their clients fueled

3 healthy recipes including an immunity-boosting soup and more

Being a private chef means keeping meals delicious and innovative while also healthy enough to power hectic lifestyles. Below are some of the go-to dishes that leave clients, like fashion designers and pro athletes, both satisfied and well-fueled.

celeriac and watercress soup

“It’s really an energy boost that’s good for the immune system. The watercress has a ton of vitamins and nutrients, the coconut offers good fat, and you can serve it warm or cold.” -Lauren Gerrie, chef to fashion designer Marc Jacobs
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quinoa with pomegranate, nuts, and soft herbs

“I make a lot of quinoa salads for Diane von Furstenberg. They are great on-the-go and are substantial enough to fuel a busy body.” -Jane Coxwell, chef to fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg
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jerk chicken and coconut rice

“The game starts at 7 p.m., so we need to get [NBA player] Amar’e Stoudemire to a place where he’s full and has all the different components that he needs. His plate portions are 50 percent protein, 25 percent carbohydrates, and 25 percent starch—sautéed spinach, maybe, things like that." -Max Hardy, chef to Stoudemire
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