The athlete's juice bar order

For optimal hydration, athletes should base their choice on activity level.

In addition to electrolyte drinks, juices also have a place in endurance athletes' hydration routines. The right ones pack a concentrated source of nutrients that help boost recovery. Just note: Because certain blends can be high in sugar, drink them on more intense activity days, when your body can use the extra sugar for energy.

Below, how to order at your local shop.

After a higher-intensity workout…

Aprotein-rich, higher calorie juice.A heart-pumping workout burns a good amount of calories and breaks down muscle, so you need extra energy and protein for repair and recovery, says Maria Pagano, RD, a Tier X manager in New York City. Juices made with nut milks are a great option. Look for ones that contain a blend of almonds and plant protein. If you’re making your own, you can also purchase nut milks with added pea protein, which ups protein content by as much as 10 grams per cup.

After a lower intensity workout…

Go for a lighter, energizing juice.Green blends made with a base of potassium-rich coconut water are best and are lighter in calories. Choosing a green-heavy juice keeps the sugar content low while packing in the maximum vitamins and minerals. As for coconut, the refreshing sip will replenish electrolytes while rehydrating you, helping you feel reinvigorated, says Pagano.