Letter from the editor

Blair Underwood will curate a series of articles for Furthermore this month.

I was an Army brat—I grew up living a nomadic lifestyle. And it instilled in me very early the value of seeing and absorbing other worlds and cultures. Today, I’m splitting time between New York and LA, I’m traveling constantly, meeting new people and experiencing new things and continuing to push myself in my career pursuits.

Aging, to me, is about just that: continuously expanding your mind. That’s what keeps you youthful. There is no big secret or magic bullet. In today’s world, you've got to make your own opportunities. Everything's changing. The whole paradigm is shifting.

It’s about balance and motion.

My guest editorship with Furthermore stems from my passion for that message. I’ve chosen to approach aging by eating well, staying physical, staying emotional—by embracing that lifestyle. And what wisdom I’ve gleaned, I’m happy to share with you.


For our first guest editorship, Furthermore selected a partner who epitomizes the high-performance lifestyle. Blair Underwood stars in Quantico (season three premiered on April 26) and just launched a new shoe line, Right Bank Shoe Co. for Blair Underwood. He does it all—and maintains his notorious youthfulness—by eating well, staying physical, and staying emotional. He’s curated a series of articles for Furthermore (at left) that highlight his passion for balance and motion.

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