The headset that makes you stronger

Neuropriming can help boost your one rep max.

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Neuropriming headphones cause non-invasive transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), which affects cognitive function and behavior. Studies show that headsets (such as the Halo Sport version used by Tier X coaches at Equinox) can help improve athletic performance and elevate mood levels.


They work by sending signals to the motor cortex area of the brain, helping improve neuroplasticity, says Alex Zimmerman, founding director of the Tier X program at Equinox. “This can accelerate athletes’ improvements in strength, skill, and explosiveness," he says adding that clients who have used the technology improved their 200-meter sprint times on the rower and were able to lift heavier weight when doing a Turkish get-up. Moreover, the precisely timed electrical signals "cause more adaptive coordination of motor units, which means improvements in hand-eye coordination.”


Halo Sport headphones have been beneficial for Tier X program members, whether it's increasing the number of push-ups they can do or performing a more complicated move with additional load, says Zimmerman. It's likely athletes can see performance improvements from other headset brands as well.